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Як коротко переказати всі пункти? Дуже потрібна допомога.


 Misha Moore
Як коротко переказати всі пункти? Дуже потрібна допомога.
How to sell your product. Competition in the travel agency business is tough. Businesses that want to survive must know how to gain customer confidence, present their product, and ultimately close sale. Many books have been written on the art of successful selling, so here are some of the choicest tips in five simple stages. 1. First impressions count. As Oscar Wilde said, 'Inly the superficial judge by appearances'. Whether or not you agree with him, there is no denying the fact that most people hope a visit to the travel agent will be a prelude to, if not the memory of a lifetime, then at least the high point of the year. A warm smile, a pleasant appearance, and good eye contact all help the would-be traveller to relax, safe in the knowledge that he or she is in the hands of a professional. 2. The next stage is to identify the needs if the prospective clients. This is done by asking questions about the composition of the qroup, the destination and duration of the their trip, their preferred mode of travel, and their anticipated expenditure. The problems encountered at this stage range from the client not having a very clear idea of ​​what they want, to their being unrealistic about what it is going to cost. As soon as the salesperson has established the customer's requirements, he or she moves on to the next stage. 3. Effective sales staff will demonstrate good product knowledge by pointing out not only the relevant features of a variety of travel packages, but also their advantages. Evidence shows that the ageng who demonstrates intimate knowledge of the product that they are recommending is more likely to achieve a successful sale. However, it is impossible to be familiar with all aspects of each company's services. Therefore it is vitally important that the salesperson is able to access information quickly through use of the computer or the brochures provided by the tour operators. Let's assume that the first package you draw to your customer's attention seems to meet with teir approval. The sale does not stop here. It is now a good idea to show something else. If only to point out the comparative advantages of the first choice. 4. That way, with luck, the salesperson may proceed with closing the sale-in other worlds the client makes a commitment of some kind. The ideal outcome is that the client makes a firm booking by paying a deposit. Yet the salesperson must make sure clients do not feel pressurized into deciding one way or another. If need be, the salesperson should offer to call them later or invite them back in. 5. A goo sales technique does not stop with a successful sale, Interest and care must still be shown to ensure customer satisfaction. It has become common practice in many travel agencies to maintain some form of post-sales contact through the use of a 'welcome home' card, both to instil customer loyalty and to encourage a high level of repeat business. The skill of selling successfully to a growing customer base requires human interest, deducation, and above all, hard work.


Олександр Корольов
На початку переведи а потім зроби схему на 5 рядків

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