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Напишіть як вимовляються ці слова пісні


 Анастасія Соколова
Напишіть як вимовляються ці слова пісні
Слова пісні Eminem feat. Imagine Dragons - Wicked Ways. Скажіть як вони вимовляються російською. Чи не переклад а саме вимова (написати російською) Приміром початок: Айм Геттінген бай віз травня вейкд ... і т. Д. Буду дуже бблагодана) [Hook 2x] I'm getting by with my wicked ways I'm loading up and I'm taking names I want to dig my way to hell I want to dig my way to hell [Verse 1] Guess I got a way with words I could get away with murder Ever heard of Aspergers? It's a rare condition It's what you're suffering from when you simply do not care if its an 80 degree day and theres no fricken air conditioning And you can not see the big terrace risen 'Cus you got the windows up blaring the system in your chevrolet prism The devil is not on the level same as him Just someone who rebels in straight masochism And imagine him giving him an adjective an ass whooping so bad they should put his ass in prison I word bully I verbally abuse verbs like he did something to me personally Used forgetfully so I cut class and ditch it now I fully rap Caddilac from a K Car, My ass from a hole in a ground, still can not tell a [?] Came straight out the trailer park screaming I 'm proud To shop at k-mart and it became art And I'm still fed up and as pissed off as they are To this day I still get in fights with the same broad At the same Walmart arguing over the same cart In the middle of the aisle whilin I do not give a fuck I do not play! You think you saw this basket first? Yeah backwards like motherfucking Bob and Silent Jay Illest shit you could think I would say Mind's like a pile of clay When's the last time you saw a villain with a cape? Put a gaping hole in it [?] Tied him around my neck went down the fire escape of the Empire State Straight fell straight down to the ground splattered all over the entire state And straight to hell got an impaled by the gates So Satan stuck his face in an ashtray But I sacheted around flames with a match and I gave him the gas face [?] And this got nothing to do with a scalar [?] By the way thoughts are getting darker by the day I'm a combination of Skylar Grey, Tyler the Creator, and Violent Jay It's a fucking miracle to be this lyrical Paint my face with clown make up and a smiley face I'm insane Every rhyme I say [?] like an ultra violet ray I'm sellin hatred buffet style all the shit you can eat $ 11.99 so come on and pile a plate I'm throwin 'down the gauntlet to see what hell I can raise With the rhyme I'm spittin while I'm shittin' on the competition In the meantime it's always mean time [Hook 2x] [Verse 2] I've been a career asshole I do not see why these people alw ays got my back I done said so much fucked up shit, I was born a mistake But I was put here not by accident I had a purpose and that purpose was to beat a beat purplish Slaughter tracks, I done put my two dimes and a nickel in this shit And I'm coming to get that quarter back Mama can ask me for an autograph


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