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допоможіть будь ласка відповісти на питання за підручником Аракін 3 курс "практич. курс англ. яз". стр. 151 №11


 кристина Карманова
допоможіть будь ласка відповісти на питання за підручником Аракін 3 курс "практич. курс англ. яз". стр. 151 №11
1. How does the story begin? What does the word "Nope" (repeated three times) suggest? Complaining of Old Ellsworth his male nurse speaks in short abrupt sentences, four of which begin with the pronoun "he". What effect is achieved? 2. What can you say about the health and spirits of the old man? 3. Do you feel a ring of irony in the sentence "All his purchases of recent years had to be liquidated at a great sacrifice both to his health and his pocketbook"? What other cases of irony can you point out? 4. What interjections does Old Ellsworth use in his speech? What trait of his character do they emphasize? 5. What is the -etylistic value of the slang words in the text? 6. Why did the wrinkles deepen at the corners of his eyes as Old Ellsworth spoke to Swain? How do you understand the word "elfishly"? 7. Whom did he call "old pineapple juice" and why? 8. What progress did the old man make in art? Why is he compared with a child playing with a picture book? What is said about the first drawings he made and the painting accepted for the Lathrop Show? Disclose the stylistic value of the simile "resembled a gob of salad dressing thrown violently up against the side of a house". 9. How can you account for the inverted word order in the sentence "Upon this distinguished group Ellsworth / was going to foist his" Trees Dressed in White "? 10. What is the implication of the verb" sneak "used to characterize Swain's appearance at the exhibition? 11. How had Ellsworth changed since he took up art? Can you see any reflection of this change in his speech? 12. What sentences in the second part of the story suggest that Old Ellsworth was up to something? Comment on the sentence "An entirely new world opened up its charming mysteries". 13. Why was it easy for Old Ellsworth to wind everybody round his finger? Do you think that a story like this could have happened in New York? 14. How is the profession of the author reflected in the story? Speak on the element of the grotesque and satire. 15. Why was the story entitled the way it was? An allusion to what doctrine is present here?


Саня Сусідський
І ось це називається допомогти? Тут же на годину роботи, вибач, але, ніякої поважаючий себе людина не буде це робити.

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Допомогти можна. За гідну плату.

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