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Які будуть відповіді в завданні з англійської мови?


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Які будуть відповіді в завданні з англійської мови?
Task 2 Read the paragraphs about five artists and their art and answer the questions (1-10). Write the letter (A-E) next to the question. Each letter can be used more than once. An example (0) has been given. IN SEARCH OF A STYLE A.Elements from classic cartooning have been Brant's greatest source of inspiration, where emphasis on character shapes is the most important facet of their designs. In 2007, feeling experimental and growing a bit tired of working in the cartooning style he was doing at the time, he created a series of pieces composed of various multimedia elements. Brant's current style was semi-consciously developed by combining his love of simple cartoons with the experiments with media to keep it fun for himself to create. He is fully aware that it is more important than ever now to be able to represent himself with a strong, consistent, signature style, especially in today's saturated market - where everyone has access to image editing software and fancies themselves as designers. C.Malota is the pseudonym of Mar Hernandez, who is currently based in Valencia. The development of Malota's style has taken place over a two-year nonstop drawing period. Bit by bit a few details (themes, forms, colors, etc.) became more and more recurrent. Malota believes that her style evolved organically. When she began to illustrate, Malota used to find some details in her own work that reminded her of other artists 'styles. The artist believes this to be natural because an important step to becoming an illustrator or artist is to review other illustrators 'work, thus in a subconscious way being influenced by them. Malota's work is symmetric, static at times and colorful. D Von has worked in the communication arts industry for over 23 years. His work reflects the symbiotic relationship between design and illustration. Growing up Von would look at the magazine covers his parents had and little did he know at the time that it would have such a huge impact on his illustrations later in life. As part of his style, Von pays attention to seemingly mundane details to avoid visual tension. He likes to use color to reinforce a concept or idea. Von believes that his creative approach is very systematic regardless of the specific style he might be working in. This means Von draws everything out ahead of time before he builds it digitally. This allows him to have a solid foundation and removes guesswork during the execution part of his process. Von's constantly art directing himself during the process, making small improvements and changes when needed. E Wotto has been freelance illustrating since graduating in 1999. He paints, doodles and draws the world as he sees it. Wotto's style has taken over ten years to develop. According to Wotto, it's developed from his influences as an early illustrator, kicking against his university wanting him to have a style that matched their institution and wanting to stand out from the crowd. Wotto admits that his work is not for everyone. He has always wanted people to recognize his work and say, "Hey that's a Wotto piece." All of his work has a childlike narrative. While drawing, he thinks of the characters 'lives, where they live and what they eat. As odd as it is, Wotto is confident it helps his style to flourish and grow. Many of his characters will have elements in common. 1Which artist places an emphasis on establishing a connection with the characters? 2Which artist admits having been inspired by other artists 'work? 3Which artist discovered his / her artistic style through experimenting with different techniques? 4Which artist was driven towards artistic talents to spite the educational norms?


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