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Англійська мова 8 клас.


 Veronika Shmidt
Англійська мова 8 клас.
A. Прочитайте наведений нижче текст. Перетворіть, якщо необхідно, слова, надруковані великими літерами в кінці рядків. AFROBEAT 1. Afrobeat __________ in Nigeria in 1960s. ORIGINE 2. Like in jazz Afrobeat music is heavily dependent on improvisation, but actually you can have a variety of chords & sounds of __________ musical forms. DIFFER 3. This mixture is very __________ emotionally and popular with a lot of people: funk, classical music, and, of course, traditional African beats. POWER 4. Fela Kuti was at the __________ of this music trend. BEGIN 5. He is often called Africa's Bob Dylan as his music contained __________ and social message. POLICY 6. It was the period when African countries fought for their __________ and Fela's music expressed that desire for social change. DEPEND B. Прочитайте текст з пропусками. Виберіть правильний варіант відповіді. HOLIDAY IN FRANCE We flew to Paris last year. The flight from London took about an hour. The sun was shining in a kindly way. This was France, and we were in that happy frame of mind that always comes with the start of a trip. We enjoyed going round the art expeditions and trying the local 1 _______. The food was wonderful and I'm sure I put on weight! We also went on a tour of the city by bus and 2 __________ lots of photos! I 3 __________ all my money and had to 4 __________ some from my friend. The hotel where we 5 ___________ was very comfortable and we felt very 6 __________ there. The only big 7 __________ was the weather, because it rained a lot. Never mind, it reminded us of England! 1. A) dishes; B) plates; C) meals; D) bowls. 2. A) made; B) had; C) put; D) did. 3. A) paid; B) gave; C) cost; D) spent. 4. A) borrow; B) lend; C) ask; D) have. 5. A) lived; B) went; C) stayed; D) stopped. 6. A) relaxing; B) relaxed; C) relaxation; D) relax. 7. A) disorder; B) disappointment; C) discharge; D) disaster.


Андрій Евсіевіч
1. B 2. C 3. A 4. B 5. D 6. C 7. A

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