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буду вдячна за допомогу. Insert suitable articles where necessary.


буду вдячна за допомогу. Insert suitable articles where necessary.
. Insert suitable articles where necessary. 1) He studies ___ Chinese history at ___ college. 2) How many people have walked on ___ moon? 3) ___ unemployed receive ___ money from ___ government. 4) Before ___ people invented ___ wheel, they could not transport heavy loads easily. 5) Not ___ word was said at ___ dinner about___ accident that had happened in ___ morning. 6) Last year when I was at ___ school I never took ___ interest in ___ ancient art. Now any kind of___ information in this field is very interesting to me. 7) Yesterday I came from___ work nearly exhausted and went to ___ bed immediately. 8) ___ driver turned left. Suddenly ___child ran into the road. 9) Vicky was lying on ___ sofa. She was watching ___film on ___television, 10) I had to take ___ train and then ___ bus. ___ bus was half an hour late. 11) ___ thing which annoys me most about ___ foreign language is ___ grammar rules. 12) I have never seen ___ cozier place in my life. 13) Where are ___ scissors? - Sorry, I have not seen them. 14) Many people think that __ beer they brew in Germany is the best in the world. 15) It was ___ beautiful day. There was not ___ cloud in ___ sky. 16) I live in ___ old house near ___ centre of town. 17) We heard ___strange noise in the night so we called ___ police. 18) In some things ___ girls are better than ___boys. In other things ___ boys are better than___ girls. 19) My father had ___ accident on the way to___ work. 20) I think that ___ coffee which is grown in Kenya tastes the best. 21) The window was open and ___ air in the room was freezing cold. 22) We need ___ new furniture. ___ chairs are getting very shabby. 23) ___ boy had cut himself with ___ knife. 24) You have made ___very good progress in your understanding of ___ English article system. 25) ___ wild pig came into the garden looking for ___food. 26) I have been scared of ___ horses ever since I was bitten by one as ___ small child. 27) I hate ___music they play at our dances - it's too loud! 28) Do you play ___ musical instrument? Yes, I play ___ piano. 29) ___ pet, which can be quite ___nuisance at times, can also be ___ joy to___ elderly people.


J () KER
про вибір артикля -

Doomsday Awaiter
1.the, - 2. - 3.the, - the 4. - the 5.a, - the, the 6. - the, - - 7. - - 8.the, a 9.the, a, the 10 .a, a, the 11.the, the, the 12.a 13.the 14.the 15.a, a, the, the 17.a, the 18. - -, -, - 20.the 21.the 22.a, the 23.the, - 24.a, the 25.a, - 26. - a 27.the 28.a, the 29.a, a, a, the

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