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 Микола Міщенко
Переведіть текст в універ треба
Henry James's story The Middle Years represents a writer, Dencombe, in the prime of his writing life but the decline of his physical life. Seriously ill as the reader meets him, he meets up with Dr Hugh, a brilliant physician and a skilled reader who has fallen head over heels for Dencombe's novels. Dr Hugh is, narratologically, Dencombe's "ideal reader", schooled in, and sympathetic to, the writer's project. In the epigraph above, Dencombe articulates his credo as he embraces, in the waning hours of life, his stilling love aff air with the mystery of life's questions. The "rest" that constitutes the madness of art is that which lies beyond doubt, namely, certainty. By placing the certain in the realm of art-and of madness-James tells us a great deal about his own aesthetic experience, his path toward knowledge, his sources of light, and the realms of his doubt. For doctors, what lies beyond doubt, passion, and task feels less like the madness of art and more like the maddening quest for answers. Taunted by death, chilled by the unknown, reproached by ambiguity, we doctors defy the dark, brandishing whatever truthiness we might have at our disposal. Humours, meridians, alchemy, or molecular biology, our scientifi c beliefs themselves are not as important as is the slim and ultimately betraying comfort they temporarily provide. With rare exceptions (William Osler's bedtime reading, Anton Chekhov's short stories, or William Carlos Williams's poems), doctors seek to solve their doubt not with James's creativity and beauty but with data. Medical practice is poised astride insoluble tensions between the known and the unknown (or at least the The art of medicine Narrative evidence based medicine James McNeill Whistler, Sea and Rain: Variations in Violet and Green (1865) knowable and the unknowable), the universal and the particular, and the body and the self. Nested, these tensions beget and amplify one another. The unwary physician, caught in the headlights of one of them, usually succumbs to the paralysing eff ects of all three, often without knowing what waylaid him or her on the country road to begin with. The tensions have yet to be adequately captured in language. We try to depict the oppositions so that we can at least see what challenges us, but such simplifying formulations as art versus science or nice doctor versus good doctor or illness versus disease do not convey the fundamentality of the confl icting forces. The question is not simply whether medicine is instrumental or imaginative, or whether it requires compassion along with competence, or whether humanities should be required in the medical school curriculum. It has, rather, to do with the nature of health, the problem of pain, the sources of suff ering, and the fact of death. These questions are as big as questions get, bristling with profound ontological and existential considerations of human worth, of singularity, of chance, and of form. The tendency to reduce such tensions to their caricatured bare bones prevents us from ever seeing them full in the face. Whether the issue arises from the laboratory, the clinic, or the polis, we do not serve ourselves or our patients well by underestimating their complexity. To face them fully, one needs at one's disposal a way of knowing that exceeds the technical or the theoretical, that is equipped to absorb and comprehend the situated, unruly, contradictory, meaning-saturated levels of experience. One needs charts and soundings to navigate fraught channels, but only the seasoned river pilot has the lived-in wisdom to fi nd the way through safely. Aristotle calls this kind of wisdom phronesis while philosophers and clinicians call it narrative knowledge or refl ective practice-it is a way of knowing that recognises


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