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Допоможіть плииз перевіряю свої відповіді


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Допоможіть плииз перевіряю свої відповіді
By Katie Atkins, aged 14 I play the trumpet in my school jazz band. Last month we held a jazz competition with bands from local high schools - and our band won! Each band had their own costumes, ranging from black school uniforms like my band wore, to brightly-coloured T-shirts. We did not look much like adult professional bands, but all of us were used to performing in competitions, so the quality of playing was amazing, especially considering everyone was so young. Players from each band even created new tunes right there on stage. It was exciting to watch - but even better when my band played on stage! We have a great jazz band at my school, but not everyone who wants to play in it gets accepted - only about half, in fact. But anyone who's keen to play goes to jazz practice before school, and we often spend time together after school, listening to jazz and learning its language. There are also trips to jazz summer camps across the country - I've been to a couple and learnt a lot. Adults are often surprised that young people are getting interested in jazz. My music teacher thinks it's because pop music is not challenging enough for people like me who are serious about music. But I find it exciting because it's both new and old at the same time - you can create your own music, but you also feel you're part of its history, as you're playing on stage in the same way as great jazz performers before you. My school's really lucky because we have great teachers, and parents who've supported us all the way. Without them, we'd never get anywhere with our music! 1 What is Katie trying to do in the text? A encourage young people to try to listen to more jazz B explain how jazz is becoming popular with young people C advertise young people's jazz events in her area D give advice on how to create great jazz music 2 Katie says the bands in her school's jazz competitionC D Part II: Here are some sentences about a school art exhibition. For numbers 6-10, complete the sentences to make them mean the same as the one before it. Use no more than three words. 6 Unfortunately, we had too many pictures to put on the walls. Unfortunately, we did not ...................................................... space for all our pictures. 7 The photos in the exhibition were taken by the youngest pupils. The youngest pupils ......................................................... the photos in the exhibition. 8 I do not think I put my best pictures in the exhibition. I've produced .............................. .. ............ .... pictures than the ones I put in the exhibition. 9 There were such a lot of people that I could not find my friends. There were ...................................................... .. people that I could not find my friends. 10 Our parents all said that we should have another exhibition soon. Our parents all said "Why .................................................... have another exhibition soon? "One music teacher left a while ago and no one's r A played music they'd written themselves before they came. B had little experience of playing in public. C played at a high level despite their age. D were dressed to look like professional jazz bands. 3 Most people at Katie's school who are interested in jazz A attend early jazz sessions at school. B join the school jazz band. C learn about jazz in after-school classes. D go to jazz summer camps at the school. 4 Why does Katie enjoy playing jazz so much? A she finds it easier to learn than other forms of music. B she thinks it is more serious than pop music. C she likes the chance to perform with others on stage. D she feels in touch with jazz players of the past.


Ти е * а * утий що ли ???

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Нічого собі. Думаю за безкоштовно не стануть морочитися

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