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вірш англійською. Допоможіть перекласти на російську мову (частина 4)


вірш англійською. Допоможіть перекласти на російську мову (частина 4)
And being neere his Highnesse heart, he crau'd a wealthy boone, A liberall gift, the which the King commanded to be done, For to relieue his Fathers wants, and Mothers, being old: Which was so much of silver Coyne, as well his armes could hold. And so away goes lusty Tom, with three pence on his backe, A heauy burthen, which might make his wearied limbes to cracke, So trauelling two dayes and nights, with labour and great paine, He came into the house whereas his parents did remaine , Which was but half a mile in space, from good Kings Arthurs Court, The which in eight and forty houres, he went in weary sort: But comming to his Fathers doore, he there such entrance had, As made his Parents both rejoice, and he thereat was glad. His mother in her apron tooke her gentle Sonne in haste, And by the fier side, within a walnut shell him plac'd: Whereas they feasted him three dayes upon a Hazell nut, Whereon he rioted so long, he them to charges put. And there upon grew wonderous sicke, through eating too much meate, Which was sufficient for a month for this great man to eate. But now his business call'd him foorth, King Arthurs Court to see, Whereas no longer from the same he could a stranger be. But yet a few small April drops, which setled in the way, His long and weary journey forth, did hinder and so stay, Untill his carefull Father tooke a birding trunke in sport, And with one blast blew this his Sonne into King Arthurs Court . Of Tom Thumbs running at Tilt, with diuers other Knightly exercises by him performed. Now he with Tilts and Turnaments was entertained so, That all the best of Arthurs Knights, did him much pleasure show, As good Sir Lancelot of the Lake, Sir Tristram, and Sir Guy, Yet none compar'd with braue Tom Thum for Knightly Chiualry. In honour of which noble day, and for his Ladies sake, A challenge in King Arthurs Court, Tom Thumbe did brauely make: Gainst whom these noble Knights did run, Sir Chinon, and the rest, Yet still Tom Thumbe with matchles might did beare away the best. At last sir Lancelot of the Lake, in manly sort came in, And with this stout and hardy knight a battle did begin. Which made the Courtiers all agast, for there that valiant man, Through Lancelots Steed before them all, in nimble manner ran. Yea horse and all, with speare and shield, as hardly he was seene, But onely by King Arthurs selfe and his admired Queene, Who from her finger tooke a Ring, though which Tom Thumbe made way, Not touching it in nimble sort, as it was done in play. He likewise cleft the smallest haire from his faire Ladies head, Not hurting her, whose even hand him lasting honors bred: Such were his heeds and noble acts, in Arthurs Court there showne, As like in all the world beside, was hardly seene or knowne. How Tom Thumbe did take his sicknesse, and of his Death and Buriall. Now at these sports he toyld himselfe, that he a sicknesse tooke, Though which all manly exercise, he carelessly forsooke: Where lying on his bed sore sicke, King Arthurs Doctor came, With cunning skill, by physicks art, to ease and cure the same, His body being so slender small this cuaning Doctor tooke A fine prospective glasse, with which he did in secret looke Into his sickened body downe, and therein saw that death Stood ready in his wasted guts, to cease his vitall breath,



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