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допоможіть будь ласка терміново до завтрашнього дня. благаю


 Соня Южакова
допоможіть будь ласка терміново до завтрашнього дня. благаю
1. What's the best way to *** a language? 2. He *** about his appointment by telephone yesterday. 3. Last week I *** that I was pregnant. 4. Anna is *** French literature. 5. She was surprised to *** that he was a lot older than she had thought. 6. Today we *** how to use the new software. 7. I *** of her arrival from a close friend. 8. My brother *** at the Royal College of Art. 9. We were very surprised to *** (that) she had got married again. 10. How did they react when they *** the news? 11. We have to *** one of Hamlet's speeches for school tomorrow. 12. I want time to *** this contract thoroughly before signing it. 13. I've *** a lot about computers since I started work here. 14. First you'll *** (how) to use this machine. 15. I do not know how actors manage to *** all those lines. 16. We were all shocked to *** of his death. 17. Their children were going to *** English ... 18. He is *** to play the piano. 19. Experienced teachers help you *** quickly. 20. I can not *** with that music playing all the time. 21. I *** to drive when I was 17. 22. It's difficult to *** when the weather's so hot. 23. My brother's *** to be an accountant. 24. How long have you been *** English? 25. He's *** to dance. 26. Do not disturb Jane, she's *** for her exams. 27. Scientists are *** photographs of the planet for signs of life. 28. He *** her face thoughtfully. 29. We only *** who the new teacher was a few days ago. 30. Fran was *** the menu. 31. Researchers have been *** how people under stress make decisions. 32. Dad thinks I should *** to be a doctor, but I'm not interested in medicine. 33. I'm *** to play the piano. 34. He's *** to be a lawyer. 35. His parents sent him to Moscow to *** physics, chemistry, and mathematics. 36. If you *** hard, you'll be able to get into a good university. 37. She's at business school, *** to be an accountant. 38. She spent several years *** the behaviour of gorillas in Africa. 39. I *** cases of tuberculosis in hospital employees between 1984 and 1992. 40. He went to Hull University, where he *** History and Economics ...


Рознощик піци
Е * -альник треба менше фотографувати. Відкрий тлумачний словник англ. мови онлайн і подивися яка різниця між двома словами. Принципово не буду допомагати.

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