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Англійська мова 9 клас ДОПОМОЖІТЬ СРОЧНО


Англійська мова 9 клас ДОПОМОЖІТЬ СРОЧНО
C. Read the article and fill in the missing sentences (A-F). There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use. Works of arts by elephants are now being sold in art galleries around the world. It's not a joke. Elephants are natural artists and elephant art is becoming big business. In November 1998 the world's first elephant art academy was opened in Campang, Thailand. Today, there are a number of elephant painting schools in Thailand, Bali and India, and many more are being opened. 1____. It appears that elephants have enormous artistic talent and enjoy expressing themselves through painting. Nom Chok is an elephant from Thailand who has been a painter since the age of two. 2_____. He was then given his own brushes and paint and he soon created pictures sold for $ 250. Amazingly, his paintings have been compared to those of famous artists, such as Jackson Pollock. 3_____. Sadly, there is bad news for those recently discovered artists. Elephants are an endangered species. Two years ago, there were 3,600 elephants in Thailand. 4_____. The work of Nom Chok and other elephant artists is being used to help save the world's elephants as part of the World Wildlife Fund and to benefit local conservation projects. Some people might laugh and say that these paintings are not art, but, as painting teacher Alex Melanid has said, "no one really knows what art is. 5_____. Some people are prepared to pay a lot of money for paintings done by elephants. These people not only receive a beautiful piece of art, but also help to save one of the world's most intelligent species. Is there a better way to spend money? "A At these schools, elephants are taught to channel their natural abilities onto canvas. B Now there are just 3,100. C Nom Chok loves to paint and does not like stopping until he has covered the last piece of white on his canvas. D He first began by dipping his trunk into a jar of watery paint and blowing it onto a canvas. E No one wants to buy elephants paintings. F The truth is, there has been a great deal of commercial interest in elephant art.


1 - A 2 - D 3 - C 4 - B 5 - F

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