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Вирішіть тест III. Vocabulary and Grammar. 1. Tom is really afraid of spiders, and every time he sees one he just ... a. freezes b. teases c. embarrasses 2. If you look for a dog or cat, you can get one from the animal .... a. hall b. shelter c. house 3. You've managed to make your little brother cry! Are you happy with ... now? a. himself b. yourself c. yourselves 4. What time ... Sally to her art lesson this afternoon? a. are you taking b. do you take c. will you take 5. After Barney ... his chores, he had some rest. a. had been doing b. was doing c. had done 6. Jack asked the police officer where ... his stolen car. a. they had found b. did they find c. had they found 7. By the time Sara gets here, we ... for her for more than an hour. a. have been waiting b. will have been waiting c. are going to wait 8. You can not invite ... you want to the party! We can only have fifteen guests. a. whichever b. whenever c. whoever 9. Kate is ... person I've ever met. a. a most clever b. clever c. the cleverest 10. Do you think that robots will ever be able to ... more complicated tasks such as driving and flying a plane? a. exist b. overcome c. perform 11. The building ... when the fire started. a. was being built b. had built c. was built 12. Getting together for Sunday lunch is a family .... a. habit b. tradition c. custom 13. Jack is not a very ... person, as he's not very comfortable with meeting new people. a. silly b. sociable c. strong 14. I can not understand how Samantha manages to ... the ironing so fast! a. do b. make c. take 15. One thing I do not like about this area is that it is ... a. too noisy b. noisy enough 16. They are tired of ... in the dirty, noisy city, so they've decided to move to the country. a. to live b. lived c. living 17. Ann loves story books about dragons, giants and other ... creatures. a. extinct b. mythical c. modern 18. Did the magician really make the man disappear or was it just an optical ...? a. imagination b. illusion c. shadow 19. Sandra ... for three years before she sold her first painting. a. painted b. had painted c. had been painting 20. While Lisa ... a book, her brother was listening to music. a. read b. will read c. was reading 21. - Last night I dreamt that a huge spider was chasing me. - ... a. What do you think this means? b. Wonderful! c. That's a thought! 22. Andy has ... a new gadget again; he really loves making things. a. invented b. become c. divided 23. By this time next week we ... our computer training course. a. will complete b. will have completed c. complete 24. - Can you give me a hand with the mixer? - ... a. What a surprise! b. Sure, what's the problem? c. That's really kind of you. 25. Cake sales are a great way to ... money for charities. a. raise b. win c. attract 26. Some Hollywood actors like to perform their own ... even if they are rather dangerous. a. plots b. jokes c. stunts 27. I'll send you the email as soon as I'm able to ... to the Internet. a. connect b. download c. install 28. The costume ... George has chosen for the fancy dress party is very funny. a. which b. who c. where 29. The ... Anne practiced, the ... it became for her to paint portraits. a. much, easy b. more, easy c. more, easier 30. Claire made a beautiful clay vase on the ... we gave her for her birthday. a. box-office b. potter's wheel c. desk 31. The Eiffel Tower ... by about six million people each year. a. visits b. is visited c. is visiting 32. Mum jumped on a chair and ... loudly when she saw a mouse under the bed. a. smiled b. screamed c. sang 33. - Is the museum far from here? -. a. Of course. Where are you going? b. Every ten minutes. c. Go past the bank and turn left. 34. After doing her chores, Mary went on ... some phone calls. a. making b. make c. to make


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